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About Us

Essential Pressure Systems and previous companies were formed by David Cope in 1997, and is located in the Metro Atlanta, GA area.

Essential Pressure Systems has been THE GO-TO Sales, Service and Installation Company in the area, providing top notch customer service to some of the area’s highest volume Carwashes, Auto Dealers, and Detail locations.



Why Essential Pressure Systems?

We get it, we are car washers to the bone.  We understand that your business needs to be up and running in order for you to make money and be successful.  We know that not only does the product need to perform mechanically, it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well.  It also will need to be serviced, which is why we make sure you can service it after it has been installed.  We understand that your brand means a lot to you. Bottom line, We Get It!!!


Integrity - We at Essential Pressure Systems pride ourselves in doing the right thing, for the customer and us! 

Passion – We strive to be the best.

Experience -  Many of our employees are lifelong car washers.

Quality – We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality equipment in the industry, we don’t let price of the component oversee the end the result performance we demand. Of course, we need to be competitively priced in the market, but if there is a specific component we need to achieve our desired results, we will simply price it in accordance to what the market will bear.

Professional –Essential Pressure Systems, has many years industry experience, and many satisfied customers, which only enhances the complete buying process so that you, the end user, have the best equipment available, at the best price, and the best experience…bar none!

Innovative – We do not follow the Jones’.  We prefer to pave a new path. 

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