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This agreement for Carwash Equipment Maintenance services between _____________________________________ (hereafter referred to as "Client") and Essential Pressure Systems, LLC (hereafter referred to as "Contractor") is made and entered into upon the following date: ____/____/____. 


The following equipment shall be maintained: ________________________________________________________



The Client owns or has legal control of the above mentioned equipment and is hereby incorporated and authorized to enter into this Maintenance Agreement by reference. 
Under this agreement the Client requests the Equipment to be maintained in good working order. This includes periodic inspections that are routine along with scheduled repairs and the replacement of parts on an as needed basis. Emergency repairs will also be made when necessary whenever the Equipment becomes inoperable unexpectedly. 
The Contractor is in the business of providing carwash equipment maintenance and repair services, and hereby agrees to provide the following services to Client: 
1. All of the Equipment described above shall be inspected and repaired on a regular basis, as suggested by the Equipment's manufacturer for each specific piece of equipment, or by Client request.
2. The Contractor shall respond by phone or email to any of Client's requests for Emergency repairs within 2 hours of receiving a request from Client. Emergency service site response should be no more than 24hrs.
3. Contractor shall make sure that all services that are provided under the terms of this agreement are to be performed by properly trained individuals.
4. Contractor also certifies that all employees that will be maintaining Client's Equipment are legally eligible to work in the United States and that the Contractor is in compliance with all Federal and State wage and employment laws and with any additional applicable laws and regulations that are required to administer the above mentioned services to the Client. 
In payment for services provided by Contactor, the Client agrees to the following: 
1. To pay the Contractor, [  ] For Time & Materials per visit at Rate of $150 per HR, or [  ] Stated Monthly Fee of $_____  

[  ] Stated Annual Fee of $_____
2. To pay Contractor for individually required repairs that are performed by Contractor the price specified by invoice. 
3. To purchase from or provide to the Contractor all required parts, supplies and other materials that may be necessary and reasonable in order to properly maintain the Equipment in good working order. The Client is of the understanding that parts and supplies along with other materials should be of exact specifications described by the manufacturer for the equipment to reach optimal operating status. ALL DAMAGE REPAIRS AND TEMPORARY REPAIRS TO ENABLE SITE TO OPERATE UNTIL PARTS, AND/OR ADDITIONAL LABOR IS AVAILABLE WILL BE BILLED ON A TIME AND MATERIALS BASIS.

4. Labor Rates are as follow: $150hr-general carwash repairs -$175hr-plumbing only - $175hr-Electrical only - $195hr – Welding only during normal business hours – Service Call (Trip Charge) Rates are as follows: 1hr drive time or less - $75 – 1hr or more – actual drive time @ $35hr – ALL Rates will be time and a half for after hours / weekends / holidays / emergencies (damage/temporary repairs).

Service calls and time and a half rate (except damage / temporary repairs) not applicable to Monthly or Annual billing clients. Normal rates apply.

All invoices for monthly maintenance and repair fees, including all supplies and services billed, will be submitted by Contractor or an employee of the Contractor to the Client immediately upon completion of maintenance or service. Client shall pay each invoice received on a Net 20 basis. A 2% discount for payment in 10 days, or 5% discount for payment when service completed is offered.
Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by supplying a written notice of termination on a specified date to the other party, with at least two week notice prior to the stated date of termination. All monies owed will payable immediately upon termination of agreement.
If there is any litigation needed between the Client and Contractor it shall be filed and tried in the Contractor's local jurisdiction. 
Applicable Law; Agreement to the terms included herein are indicated by the Client and Contractor signing below: 
This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of GEORGIA in PAULDING County and any applicable Federal Law. 

______________________________________ Date____________
Signature of the Client 

______________________________________ Date____________
Signature of Contractor 


Mechanical Room

  • Verify room heater working during cold weather

  • Verify high pressure pump oil levels are visible in sight gauge

  • Verify air compressor pressure is set to manufacturer specs

  • Check for water, oil or chemical leaks. Listen for air leaks

  • Drain water from air compressor tank & all separator bowls

  • Check chemical levels. Fill & re-order as needed

  • Check chemical lines for leaks and air bubbles

Tunnel Walk-Thru

  • Push Emergency Stop Button (E-Stop) to disable car wash!

  • Verify tunnel heaters working during cold weather

  • Check conveyor for foreign objects at entrance and exit ends

  • Check for air, chemical, water leaks

  • Check all cleaning material for foreign objects or excess wear

  • Check blower intake screens for foreign objects

  • Check conveyor trench for water build up

  • Remove any foreign objects from floor. Hose down tunnel walls and floor.

  • Pull Emergency Stop Button to re-enable the car wash

  • Check for Power Lights on Photo Eyes

Run Test Car

  • Program a best wash and run wash

  • Verify all foamers and nozzles spray correctly

  • Verify proper equipment sequence and operation

  • Check all wash components for proper operation and timing

  • Listen for abnormal noises

  • Verify exit traffic light & door operation(if applicable)

  • Check cleanliness & dryness of vehicle





Date:_________ Store Location:____________________________


Completed by:___________________________________________


NOTED CONCERNS:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



  • Perform Daily Inspection

High-Pressure Pump Station

  • Check belts for visible signs of wear

  • Verify pump oil is correct color, not milky or black & is at correct level

  • Verify correct operating pressure (manufacturer spec)

  • Check tank for sediment or debris

  • Check for chatter or cavitation from pump / belts

  • Check rinse / wheel blaster swivels / nozzles / retract cylinders

Spot Free Rinse System (If applicable)

  • Confirm that the unit is running / no leaks and shows appropriate levels in sight-glass

  • Replace filter – Date   /   /

  • TDS readings – Feed_____    Product_____

Water Reclaim System (If applicable)

  • Confirm that the unit is running / no leaks and has appropriate output / pressures

  • Clean filters / baskets / venturis

Chemical Delivery - Presoak / Rinse / Rain Arches

  • Check and clean clogged nozzles and adjust foamers as needed

  • Check condition of hoses and connections

  • Check Pumps / Hydrominders / Dosatrons for proper settings

  • Inspect chemical delivery systems for leaks and proper operation

  • Check ALL air pressure regulators / drain ALL filter bowls

Chemical Wheel Applicators

  • Check adjustment / leaks

  • Check pattern / coverage on wheels

Entrance / Exit Photo Eyes / Floor Switches

  • Gently wipe photo eyes clean

  • Check for proper alignment (lights on unit)

  • Check wiring / bell hoses / bell switch adjustment

Top Brush / Mitters / Wraps

  • Check wash material for wear / damage / missing pieces

  • Check for wear / lubricate all bearings

  • Check for loose fasteners or rod ends

  • Check air pressure regulators for correct operational settings

  • Lubricate retract cylinders (If Applicable)

  • Ensure movement is smooth during extend & retract

Hydraulic Systems / Conveyor

  • Check / top off power pack tanks

  • Inspect all hoses / fittings for leaks

  • Replace Filters Yearly –  Date   /   /

  • Check pressure regulators for correct operational settings

  • Inspect chain / rollers for wear / missing parts / damage

  • Inspect upper / lower decks for wear / damage

  • Inspect entrance / exit doors for wear / missing parts / damage

  • Inspect conveyor weldments and weld points to pit

Lights / Signs / Flashers

  • Check for proper operation with component

  • Check for burned out bulbs

  • Inspect for corrosion / damage 

High / Low Pressure Prep System

  • Check pumps for noise / leaks

  • Inspect all hoses / guns for leaks

  • Check for proper operation

  • Check pressure regulators for correct operational settings

Air Compressor(s)

  • Check belts / guards / hoses – Change Belts Annually

  • Check oil levels – top off as needed – Change every 6 months

  • Check air filters – blow out as needed – Change every 6 months

  • Check pressure switches for correct operational settings

  • Check for noise / oil and air leaks


  • Check ALL motors for proper operation

  • Check for wear / lubricate all bearings

  • Check for loose / worn / missing components

  • Check air pressure regulators for correct operational settings

  • Check for noise / ramp up and down

  • Lubricate retract / flip cylinders (If Applicable)

  • Ensure movement is smooth during extend & retract

Central / Self-Serve Vacuum System

  • Check for proper operation

  • Check for motor noise / system leaks

  • Inspect piping / hoses / nozzles / claws

  • Check baghouse door seals

  • Shake bags / empty separator container

Auto Cashiers / Gates

  • Check for proper operation

  • Inspect for damage / vandalism

  • Check for loose / missing fascia / conceal panels

Tire Shine System (if applicable)

  • Check for proper operation

  • Check for leaks

  • Inspect for corrosion / damage / missing parts

  • Ensure movement is smooth during extend & retract





Date:___/____/____ Store Location:____________________________


Completed by:___________________________________________

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